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Price from $0.00 /Month Price from $105.79 /Month
Cost per extra invoice $1.00 Cost per extra invoice $0.56
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Get the data from your incoming supplier invoices into NAV quicker and more accurately. Sign up for the Freemium edition and get started capturing up to 75 invoices per month at no charge. There’s no commitment—you can quit at any time.

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With Subscription, you are billed at a monthly rate for a specific volume of invoices. When you are close to reaching your monthly limit, you will receive a notification. At that time, you have the option of purchasing an additional quantity of invoices, or paying an overage fee per invoice. 

Freemium $0.00 Process up to 75 invoices per month without any charge. It’s a great way to try out the service, obligation-free. For more than 75, you can pay the cost per extra invoice or sign up for Subscription
Subscription $105.79 • Sign up for a monthly volume of invoices at a fixed rate, keeping processing costs predictable and saving you money in the long run