• What happened to Lexmark Invoice Capture Service?
    • Lexmark and Kofax recently combined forces, and as a result, Lexmark Invoice Capture Service changed its name to Kofax Invoice Capture Service. All of the great features that you currently enjoy remain. Only the name has changed.



  • How do I upgrade to Subscription from Freemium?
    • Click the “My Account” tab and select “My Plan”, then click “Manage Plan” and toggle “Subscription”, and select volume of invoices in the “Change Plan”-section and then hit the “Change Plan”-button to perform the upgrade
  • What is the difference between Freemium and Subscription?
    • The Freemium model allows you as a user to freely use a monthly volume of up to 75 invoices. If you use more you pay for the overage. The Subscription model is set to a specific monthly volume. You pay a lower price for the volume you opted in for compared to the overage charge you may encounter using the Freemium model
  • How do I change the levels in my Subscription?
    • Click the “My Account” tab and select “My Plan”, then click “Manage Plan” and toggle “Subscription”, and select volume of invoices in the “Change Plan”-section and then hit the “Change Plan”-button to change the levels
  • How do I cancel my Subscription?
    • Click the “My Account” tab and select “My Plan”, then click “Manage Plan” and press the “Cancel Current Plan” in the “Your current plan”-section
  • How do I revert back to Freemium?
    • Click the “My Account” tab and select “My Plan”, then click “Manage Plan” and toggle “Freemium” in the “Change Plan”-section and then hit the “Change Plan”-button to revert
  • What payment options are supported?
    • At the moment only invoicing is supported as payment method
  • How long does it take for changes to my Subscription to be applied?
    • All changes to the Subscription and the Freemium models are applied momentarily. Once you have created an account and chosen a model you can start using the service directly
  • What is my current usage this period?
    • Click the “My Account”-tab and select “My Plan”, then click “Manage Plan”. In the “Your current plan”-section you can find the current usage for the period, the current model (Subscription/Freemium) and the number of invoices available for the specific plan you have chosen
  • Can I choose in what currency I will be billed?
    • The currency of the billing is set by the currency you selected when you first registered. 

Change payment details

  • How do I change my billing details?
    • Click the “My Account”-tab and select “Billing address”, then click “Edit”. In the “My Account - Edit Address”-section change the billing address and hit "Save"
  • Can I change the currency in which I will be billed?
    • First you have to cancel your current plan. Then select the appropriate currency on the right hand corner of the website and subscribe for a new plan, Subscription or Freemium. On the order information page you can download the new billing invoice to make sure the currency is correct. NO CREDITS will be issued for invoices generated in currencies established prior to any changes.

Payment receipt

  • How can I get a payment receipt?
    • Click the “My Account”-tab and select “Orders”, then click “Details” on the order you want to have a receipt for. Select “Print”-button to print the invoice receipt or “PDF Invoice”-button to get a PDF invoice that you can save. You will also receive an e-mail with the invoice information
  • When do I get billed for my usage period?
    • The invoice is created at the end of the usage period and sent to your billing address

Order and Delivery

  • How is my service delivered to me?
    • The service is delivered directly upon order received, e.g. you can start using the service immediately from Microsoft NAV
  • How long time does it take before I can use the product?
    • You can use the service as soon as you get the account information from ReadSoft Online (momentarily)
  • Do I get a confirmation of my order?
    • Yes, you get an e-mail confirming the order and login credentials. You can also see the confirmation of the service (and the level of the service) in “My Account” selecting “Orders” and another view of this in ”My Plan” after toggling “Manage Plan” in the “Your current plan”-section

Security & Integrity

  • How do you handle my financial and personal information?
    • Private data (account information like e-mail, company and billing addresses and names) is securely stored in the database and password protected
  • Will Kofax or Microsoft use my contact information?
    • Kofax will use the contact information you provided in the event that the service is malfunctioning or you request help/support. Kofax will not re-sell or distribute this information to any third party.


Create account

  • How do I create an account?
    • On the welcome/boarding page click “Register” and follow the instructions. Make sure you have a valid credit card at hand so you can finish the registration process
  • My country is not in the country list but I will use invoices from a country that’s in the list.
    • When you register, choose the supported country in the field for Country. Then your default document template will be for invoices from that country. When subscribing to a service you enter your proper billing address with your country. Preferably enter the country together with the city in the City field.
  • I have multiple sub organizations that want to use ICS, how should this be handled? 
    • Sign up for one ICS instance per organization, selecting the appropriate volume for each. If needed, you can use email aliases when signing up (talk to your email administrator if you need help with that). By using the same billing address when signing up for all your organizations, we can combine the billing into a single invoice for your company if needed. Please contact ics_sales@kofax.com in order to do so.
  • Will the OCR service be available for other countries than the ones in the country list?
    • Kofax follows Microsoft’s lead when it comes to native country support – with the list of countries having been provided by them to us.  We will review your request with Microsoft to determine possible support for the future and would encourage you to speak with Microsoft about your need.  In addition, if you provide additional background on customers and business opportunities associated with this support – by emailing ics_support@kofax.com – then we will review it with Microsoft on your behalf as well.


  • How do I change or reset my password?
    • Click “My Account” then select “Change password” and hit the “Change Password”-button once you have filled in and confirmed the new password
  • I forgot my password to the account website.
    • If you click on the Forgot Password link on the login page, fill in your email address and click recover, you will get the message Email with instructions has been sent to you. The email contains a link to the password recovery. If the link returns you to the store web page it's because the password recovery link has expired. Please try again.


  • How do I login to the service?
    • After you have created your account you will receive an e-mail. Use the link here and from the ReadSoft Online Store landing page you supply the credentials and create a password to login

Change details

  • Can I change my user details?
    • Go to “My Account”-tab and select “Customer info”. Here you can can change personal details, company details, address information and contact information. You can also opt-in or opt-out from the newsletter. Click “Save” to keep the changes you made
  • How can I change my username?
    • The service will automatically create an account in ReadSoft Online. This user cannot be changed once created

Technical Support & Features

I am receiving some strange errors in NAV when trying to use the OCR service – where do I turn?

  • First – check your Cumulative Update release – we work with all, but you should still be making sure you are on the latest if possible.
  • Second – contact your Microsoft support line – they will help you diagnose the issue.

Problems with invoices missing, not processing, not extracting data, license setup not working.

  • Click the “Contact Us”-tab, report the issue you detected in free text and hit “Submit”. Kofax Cloud Services Delivery will help you.


  • How do I install the service/product?
    • No installation is required.  Implementation is fast and requires no hardware or software investments nor IT assistance. The service can be turned on and off from inside of Microsoft NAV.


  • How can I suggest new functionalities or features?
    • Click the “Contact Us”-tab, describe the feature/function in free text and hit “Submit”

Availability & Price

  • What features are available for me?
    • At the moment all features in the service, including line-item capture, are provided to all users regardless of the subscription model. This may change in the future as the service offering is expanding.
  • How can I enable all features that I want?
    • Click the “My Account” tab and select “My Plan”, then click “Manage Plan” and toggle “Subscription”, and select any additional feature in the “Change Plan”-section and then hit the “Change Plan”-button to change the levels.


  • How can I configure and setup line items?
  • We are a Microsoft Dynamics Partner and would like a demo account with all additional features.
    • No special account for testing or demo purposes is needed. If you are a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, please specify this information on your account in the Self-service page. From there, simply register for a Freemium account at no cost to you, provided you stay under 75 invoices per month.
  • How can I verify the captured data of my invoices?
    • You have to configure your plan in the NAV store. Require verification has three levels; never, uncertain documents only or always. In NAV in Incoming Documents you will notice that the OCR status for the invoice will change to Awaiting Verification. Click on the link and you will be sent to the ICS webpage https://nav.readsoftonline.com/. Check captured data and click OK.
  • How do I scan invoices for email input?
    • The setting for emailing scanned invoice files is one invoice per attachment. Meaning there can be only one invoice per attached file in the email. If you have many invoices you must separate them into one attachment each. For example, there can only one invoice per PDF. You can send as many PDF’s as you want in the same email, but only one invoice per PDF.


  • Default Data Exchange Types is missing
    • Make sure the Default Data Exchange Types are uploaded by the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 reseller. The two Data Exchange Definition you can look for is OCRINVOICE and OCRCREDITMEMO. If they are not there, please contact Microsoft support.
  • I can't find my customer ID in OCR services
    • The Customer ID is not needed for the setup of the OCR services. After you have entered your credentials in the General block in OCR services you click "Test Connection". After a successful Connection the Customer ID will be automatically populated.
  • I get connection failed in OCR service setup
    • Either it's the Password or the Authorization Key that is wrongly entered, often by copying an extra blank space (often happens from Outlook), but it can also be that the Password has been corrupted in the generation. If your password has been corrupted you can reset your password here: https://nav.readsoftonline.com/ForgotPasswordStep1. You will get a password reset link by email.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
    • Since the Microsoft NAV integration does not support 2FA, this must not be setup for the user that is configured in the NAV OCR setup page. If you would like to enabled two-factor authentication, please contact support to request an additional Verify user and then enabled it for this new user instead.